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Posted by Fong Min Liao on

In this moment, right now. I feel myself blossoming, opening up. I feel the light within bursting at my seams. The deep desire to express, I can hardly contain it. This feeling is so seductive, calling my name. I close my eyes and I surrender.

In this moment, right now. I rise and I fall. Light seeps into my wounds and bruises. Healing my once broken soul, I feel anew. It is in the darkness that I learned of beauty. For it is from my mother’s womb that I was born.

In this moment right now, I am terrified and I am ecstatic. By the depths of my desires, the emotions of my heart. Because this is my moment of truth to choose. To live or to die. I will find my beauty in this moment of time and what it means to be alive.

In this moment, right now. I embrace this new sense of softness.

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