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Posted by Fong Min Liao on

Do you think about death?

I did and still do. The thoughts come in fleeting moments when I’m in my own utter presence and in heavy moments in which I’m facing the fragility of my humanness and the external physical world’s circumstances.

I used to be very fearful of the idea of death and the potential ways one may die. Will it hurt? What is the experience like? Is it like going to sleep and just never waking up? Where does the consciousness and subconsciousness go? It is the one experience in life that you’d be hard-pressed to find any documentations on to contemplate if death is for you or to compare reviews to decide what type of death you wish to experience.

Just as there is birth, there must be death. To complete the cycle of life.

My philosophy on life is rooted in the First Law of Energy. That energy can neither be created nor destroyed. When I came to the realization that we as human beings are eternal energetic beings or infinite souls, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief.

Even if our physical bodies have reached their time limits, our subconscious and souls are not physical matter, but forms of energy. And just like a volt of electricity, it must be transferred and transformed from one form to another. This thought lead me to thinking about reincarnation and the idea of past lives.

I don’t know about you, but reincarnation and past lives completely make sense to me. Every human being born into this world has their own purpose to fulfill in their current lifetimes and to live out their karmic journey before moving onto another. 

As I deepen my spirituality and learn about the vastness of this universe, I become less and less fearful of death. For it will not stop me from living and experiencing what my soul is meant to. Death is simply an ending to a beginning and beginning to an ending.

What does death mean to you?

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